Ausbildung in Germany

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As most of us already know about the Ausbildung in Germany, this is a program in which a candidate not only studies but also does an apprenticeship or internship in the desired job category.

Complete Step-by-Step Ausbildung in Germany Process

We can say it is a high-standard training in which the study module is about 30% of the entire training content and the rest of the time is spent on the apprenticeship at the workplace.

An Ausbildung or vocational training provides us with high-end training which helps the candidates to develop skills relevant to the future job.

Ausbildung in Germany

There are plenty of job opportunities and benefits for the candidates during and after the Ausbildung in Germany. Some are mentioned below:

  1. Ausbildung is very popular not only in Germany but also in other parts of the world, so you need not to worry about the career possibilities in your own country.
  2. It is more focused on providing practical knowledge so that you learn the skills required for your future job more efficiently.
  3. An Ausbildung in Germany makes you independent by ensuring a monthly stipend or salary, thus this program is most suitable for those who are not able to pay the high tuition fees of Universities and still want to study in Germany. You can fulfil your dream of working in Germany at a very reasonable cost.
  4. Doing an Ausbildung in Germany gives you the freedom to continue your desired study program too, so if you are looking for further study, there are so many good opportunities that you can explore after completing your training.
  5. A candidate will be awarded a certificate by the German government after successful completion of the training. 

Ausbildung Eligibility:

  • 12th (Intermediate or 10+2 or higher secondary examination or high school graduate, or three years engineering diploma, or two years ITI diploma or something equivalent to 12th but from state or central board) or have done 10+ 3 years of schooling.
  • 18 years old when the training starts.
  • German language proficiency as per the requirement.
  • A valid passport.

German Language Levels:

A candidate must have passed the German language proficiency exam and have a certification from Goethe, Telc, TestDalf or ÖSD. Since Goethe, Telc, TestDalf or ÖSD provide the certification as per CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), these certifications are accepted worldwide and are valid during the application for an Ausbildung.

Even if somebody has learnt German up to the C2 level but doesn’t have the certificate, he/she will not be eligible for this Ausbildung program.

If you have completed your Bachelors’s or Masters’s in the German Language at a University in your country, that will also not suffice the requirement of the Goethe, Telc, TestDalf, or ÖSD certification, and finally, you must also write the exam of required level and provide one of these certifications at the time of application and Visa.

There are six levels in the German language A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 according to CEFR. You must start learning German from the A1 level and continue up to your desired level. Skipping the exam of a level is okay but skipping participation in a course will not work.

That means you can directly write the exam for the B1 level, but in order to pass the exam, you must complete all previous levels (here A1 and A2) too. (Learn German Online)

Once you have all the required certifications and fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria, you can proceed further with the application for an Ausbildung in your desired occupation.

Ausbildung Application:

This is the most important part of the entire process of successfully getting an opportunity to start your Ausbildung in Germany. You actually need a contract from an employer in Germany.

  1. A candidate has to search for an employer for the desired category of Ausbildung, this process can be done with the help of the internet. An application can be sent to the employer if there are vacancies for your desired occupation. The knowledge of the German language will help you to find out such an employer. Most of employers post their requirements on different portals, where you can directly contact them or submit your application on their websites.
  2. Your application must be in the German language and also in a well professional manner. You must submit the required documents along with a resume and cover letter.
  3. All the information written in the CV and cover letter must be true.
  4. If your application is good enough to impress the employers, they can proceed with your profile further in this case and they will also guide you to accomplish the next steps.
  5. Once an employer accepts your application, you will be asked for an interview.

Ausbildung Interview:

  1. The interview will be held in the German language, that’s why you must prepare yourself well in advance. You must pass the interview in order to get a contract for your Ausbildung from the employer.
  2. Most of employers prefer to conduct the interview on Zoom or similar platforms, so you should be familiar with the online meeting tools.
  3. The employer doesn’t want prior expertise in your desired occupation but they can check your interest in the same field. So it is better to collect some basic information about your desired occupation prior to the interview.
  4. The information provided by you in your CV must be true because employers generally want to know more about you based on the information stated in the CV.
  5.  You are suggested to get some information about the employer and its area of work. If you have some knowledge about your future job it will help you. But do not show fake knowledge or experience.
  6. If your interview has been well and good enough to convince the employer, you will get the contract letter from the employer.
  7. The contract from the employer is the main document based on which you can proceed further with the Visa application in your respective consulate.

Ausbildung Contract Letter:

A contract letter is an offer letter from your employer in which they offer you a place for your Ausbildung in the occupation you have chosen. You have to sign it and send it back to the employer.

A contract letter is a legal document in which each detail about your stipend, location, time duration, etc. is mentioned. Read it carefully and sign it if you are Okay with all the terms and conditions.


You must have the all related and required documents with you. All documents are required for your VISA application. You can find all the documents checklist on the embassy’s website also.

All documents must be in two identical sets. Required documents may be as below:

  • Contract letter
  • 10th certification
  • 12th certification
  • School Leaving Certificate or Bachelors Degree
  • Birth Certificate (if available)
  • Resume or CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Photo
  • Copy of Passport on both pages
  • German Language Certificates
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Blocked account (if needed)
  • Health insurance (If needed)
  • Travel Insurance

VISA Application:

The next step is about your VISA application; you must apply for your VISA in your regional consulate. You can book an appointment for an Ausbildung VISA under the Ausbildung category or national VISA category.

Once the appointment is booked on a particular date, you must be present at the consulate office at the given time slot. You must carry all the original documents along with two identical sets of copies of the documents.

VISA Interview:

At the consulate office, you must present all the documents to the officers. After verification of your documents, you have to face some questions from the officers. You must reply to all the questions according to your knowledge and all answer must be true. Here are some points to follow during your interview:

  • Do not tell a lie about yourself or do not provide any fake information, if you present false information about yourself then the consulate officer can reject your VISA application immediately.
  • Don’t try to exaggerate your things, just give your answer in a precise way.
  • Do not get emotional, they don’t want to hear your personal stories.
  • You must answer in a proper and clear voice, you can be diplomatic in your answers.
  • Again, you must prepare about your occupation and employer’s details, they can also ask some questions about the same.
  • You must have all the clarifications about what you have written in your CV.
  • Your interview will be in English but they can also ask you to answer a few things in German.
  • You must be confident enough to reply to all the questions.

VISA Status:

A candidate has to wait for some time to get the result of the VISA application. This waiting time is not fixed, it depends on the consulate how much time they need and how much time they will take to give their decision about your VISA application.

You have to wait only, but in some cases, the delay is longer than usual time, you can ask about your VISA status in a polite manner. Generally, it takes approx. 8-9 weeks for the Visa.

You will get informed by the consulate about your VISA dispatch. Once your VISA is granted, you can proceed with the further process of booking your flight and doing other things.


Once you have finished all the procedures and you have been granted your VISA, you must book your flight according to your convenience. Try to book a direct flight to Germany if it is available.

At your Employer’s Place:

Once you reach Germany, go to your exact destination like your employer’s place, and get your other paperwork done. After all the necessary work is finished, you can start your training according to your schedule.

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