Learn German

German is the most widely spoken first language in the European Union.

Why German?

With its rich culture and robust economy, Germany has something for everyone, from exciting employment and business opportunities to vibrant art and music scene. Here are some interesting facts about German:

  • German is the most widely spoken first language in the European Union
  • Germany has the largest economy in the EU and is an industrial giant on the world stage. Companies and organizations from Siemens to Carl Zeiss, BMW and the Deutsche Bank have formidable reputations world-wide.
  • German technology and know-how are widely respected around the world.
  • Young Indians can go and study as well as work in Germany. A knowledge of the German language would obviously help enormously on this.
  • Young people in Germany seem to be on the same kind of wavelength as young Indians; they usually get on well.
  • The Germans and the Swiss tourists come to India in large numbers – and usually, love it! It gives many job opportunities in tourism field.
  • Germany has a rich cultural heritage, and has made huge contributions to world literature, painting, music and philosophy.
  • The German-speaking world has produced thinkers whose ideas have changed the way people look at the world: from Luther to Marx, to Einstein and to Freud.
  • People are often surprised by the beauty of the German countryside, with its dense forests and deep valleys, also by the charms of its many historical towns and villages. Austria and Switzerland have wonderful mountain landscapes. And with extensive hiking trails, all three countries are a tramper’s paradise!


How learning German helps Indians?

  • After learning German, one can go to Germany for higher study/ research. A number of German universities offer a wide range of courses, that too almost free.
  • After learning German, one can get the scholarship from German universities/ Institutes for further course/study
  • The highly regarded Ausbildung (Vocational Training) in Germany in more than 135 streams can ONLY be done by learning German. The dual study programs are very popular and are recognized world-wide. The trainees not only get trained on a chosen study field but they also get hand-on experience during the training and get paid from DAY 1.

  • There are hundreds of companies which need German Experts for their processes, learning German opens a lot of job opportunities.
  • One can work in tourism industry after learning German.
  • One can become German teacher after having good command over German Language.
  • Learning a foreign Language can certainly enhance one’s job profile inside the organization as becoming proficient in a second language is always an added bonus.
  • There are companies in India which look for German Experts with IT, Finance, Tourism, Publishing, Medical, Legal, Market Research backgrounds.